Architecture and Lighting

One of the first activities of Tensoflex, this division has a vast knowhow and experience with Stretch Ceilings, with different types of materials, such as Translucent, Lacquered, Metallic and Matte Stretch Ceiling, in different colors.

For lighting projects, our removable system is recommended. It is an innovative solution that allows the client to remove and reinstall the Stretch Ceiling, making it easier to perform electrical maintenance of the lighting components or to clean the Stretch Ceiling and the niches.

If the client desires, Tensoflex can provide and install the lighting components that are part of the Tensoflex System. Working with well known and respected LED manufacturers, our technical team has years of experience to offer in any installation or project, making sure that the final product has the desired lighting.

In projects with tridimensional structures, a wide variety of aluminum profiles designed and produced by Tensoflex along with years of experience in metalwork activities allow the creation and manufacturing of lightweight parts and luminaires that are practical and adapt to each project.

Studio Rafael Serradura
Riverview Corporate Tower - Iluminação Senzi Lighting - Projeto Athié Wohnrath
Revenda Kelvin LDMaringá - PR - Catamarã Imóveis - Arquitetura Ao Cubo
Revenda Kelvin LD Maringá - PR - Decorado Zetta - Arquitetura Ao Cubo
Hemisferio Sul Investimentos - SP
Edifício São Luis SP - Projeto de Foco Luz & Desenho