Tensoflex is a system with low environmental impact, since all its components are recyclable.

Tensoflex films are developed in PVC, a non-petroleum-derived plasDc material and the basis of their composiDon is sea salt, while the profiles are made of aluminum, a material with a high reuse capacity and currently Tensoflex has the commitment of recycling 100% of our unused materials.

The manufacture process of the films is in line with the concepts of Vinyl Plus, created by the European Community in order to promote the sustainable producDon of PVC unDl 2020.

This iniDaDve began in 2010 and established a structure capable of collecDng and recycling more than 250,000 tons of PVC per year. In addiDon, it is capable of subsDtuDng addiDves such as cadmium in the manufacturing process.

It is esDmated that by 2020 there will be a jump to 800,000 tons of recycled PVC and the use of renewable energy and raw materials in the producDon of fabrics.

According to the ROHS – RestricDon of Hazardous Substances DirecDve, also known as the “Lead Free Law”, our films do not contain heavy materials in their composiDon.We have an A + raDng in the Émission dans l’air interieur (Indoor Air Emission), which measures the emission of volaDle pollutants, created by the French